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Does The Brand Have The Advantage?

International brands: Coca-Cola, Walmart, Mcdonalds, and Facebook have all been engaging with customers on their preferred channels in the digital world and inheritably have the advantage over a small business in return for their data and loyalty. There’s been a lot of debate about how these goliath brands work with search engines predominantly Google and Bing.

The goliath brands have both manually and algorithmically favored by the search engines. Since the start of the world wide web, international brands with their bigger wallets have been able splash capital on targeting emotions. You want to know why?

The SEO Emotions

Pride, love, achievement, man’s empathy, friendships, loneliness or memories perform best – and the international brands know it! Just like any other marketing strategy, courting customers is all about building relationships and here at Wyoming Investor we only work with individuals and companies which want quality of service, quality of product, and quality of a relationship to achieve results.

Brands create consumer trust and heavily focus on search engine optimization with emotional attachments. As a result, they nurture the relation between consumers and products that withstand pricing wars and offers from new competitors. People prefer to buy from companies they feel they know and can trust, and brands reinforce that promise.

Intellectual Property And Your Brand

Wyoming Investor owns various sources of Intellectual Property which only our clientele have use of giving them the edge over their competitor. Want to find out more? Lets set up a meeting! There is no sales pitch! We are here to serve.

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