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Digital Wayfinding: Enhancing Patient Experience

Importance of Signage Systems in a Hospital is fundamental to the patient experience.
Health signs are beneficial tools, and they communicate a lot. Healthcare wayfinding signage is a severe customer-patient relations issue for hospitals and medical facilities. Patients and visitors are usually in an increased state of fretfulness and are thus worried about finding the correct way to their intended destination.

Digital Wayfinding solutions enhance patient experience by facilitating a seamless journey that gets patients to appointments on time and reduces confusion, whether navigating a sprawling hospital or multi-location health system. Best-in-class solutions effectively route a patient from home to the appointment, integrate with existing digital solutions, and support Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons for accurate turn-by-turn navigation across healthcare facilities.

For first time visitors or for those who are new to a particular area, this anxiety is multiplied. Studies show that having a right direction or at least a reassurance of the direction is required for keeping not only the patients focused but even the hospital staff free from any interruptions. Going into hospital is a potentially frightening and bewildering experience, with unfamiliar surroundings, noise and very busy spaces. For people with dementia, digital wayfinding within their medical practice could improve their comfort as they generally, though not always, have poorer sight and hearing, this experience can be exacerbated by the perceptual and visuospatial problems associated with dementias including Alzheimer’s disease .

Medical providers across the world can benefit from the efficient way of showing signs providing direction to visitors moving to their destination by enhancing digital wayfinding. Hospitals are required to not only put up signs for direction to their facility but also inside. A properly planned sign system reveals heaps of information for the visitor. Providing proper information keeps patients directed and offers enough data to get visitors to make the right decisions. Another point which hospitals fail to look after is the amount of information. While too less information is as good as no data, providing too much information creates confusion and anxiety amongst visitors.

Improved User Experience: Digital Wayfinding

Although the majority of subjects reported no problems with wayfinding and orientation in campus buildings, 9% of respondents reported becoming lost often or almost always, 14% have been quite or totally lost, and 8% have experienced frequent and severe disorientation. In one building, almost 40% of users reported having become quite or totally lost (Wayfinding in Hospitals: Solving the Maze, 2007). Further evidence indicates improved user experience fulfils the user’s needs.

Waiting experience is hugely stressful for visitors. When conducted a quiz at the North York General Hospital, more than half of the patients agreed to have a stressful waiting experience. A proper numbering system and letting the patients know about their status in the queue is essential so that they can wait relaxed before being called.

However, precise signage and registration instructions are essential for this. Makes sure patients are safe Another important reason for having signs is taking care of patients-both inpatients and outpatients. For example, elderly patients and pregnant patients shouldn’t go near harmful radiations like X-rays, etc. It is also crucial for signs to give the correct information for inpatients if they need to call the on-duty doctor in case of any emergencies.

For a positive environment and systematic arrangements, signs come in handy. A trustwory, reputable, hospital engaging in digital wayfinding will enhance the environment and pull more satisfied patients. Communication is an important factor in all department. Hospitals need to make sure that when they are implementing new policies or procedures, effective signs are put out to communicate with customers and staff. Panda Health is a leading company that transforms how health systems discover, procure, and implement digital innovations that make life better for consumers.

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