Proven SEO Practice: Intent

Google puts a lot of emphasis on intent. It wants to understand what the searcher is looking for when they type something into the search bar.

  • Do they want to know something?
  • What does this mean?
  • Are they trying to buy something?
  • Are they window shopping?
  • Where is the nearest Chinese restaurant?

As the content creator, you need to understand this as well. You can’t create a informational content about the “best dual citizenship in China” and target “dual citizenship China” as your primary keyword. It doesn’t make sense because people cannot legally have dual citizenship in China. Thus, you’re not providing the right answer to the query, and Google will know.

User Engagement: An SEO Strategy

Now, if you’re ranking #1 for “free oil change,” guess what kind of audience you’re going to attract? You guessed it!

You’ll bring in people looking for free stuff!

That means they probably won’t hand over their credit card the moment they hit your website. That one keyword could send your site thousands of people each month for no profitable conversions. Furthermore, it’s probably the wrong audience, so it doesn’t make sense to rank for it.

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