Native ads that appear in editorial content

Native advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness while also presenting your marketing content in a way similar to editorial content. The idea here is to enhance the content credibility, while also offering a more enticing and great piece to read for your audience. It’s the best of both worlds, with results being second to none.

Why do you need to have high quality native ads?

Native ads need to align with the editorial tone and style, so they need to be very hard to spot. If you want your ads to beat sales expectations, they need to be easy to understand and access. In case they stick like a sore thumb, then obviously it’s not going to work very well. When your native ad is hard to spot and thus an integral, yet indistinguishable part of the content, that’s where you get to have amazing results and the experience itself will be really impressive. Wyoming Investor owns and has partnerships with multiple media outlets to provide native ads for our clientele

Are native ads efficient?

Around half of the entire internet userbase doesn’t know what native advertising is. And that’s an advantage, because you can beat sales expectations and generate more customers naturally. You get to show the value of your products and services without showing that you are actually promoting it within editorial content.

Roughly half of those that know what native ads are tend to be very skeptical when it comes to their efficiency. Yet on the other hand, 41% of brands are using native advertising within their promotional efforts. Why is that? Because these native ads can increase brand awareness and they really easy to adapt to your requirements. Of course, the main focus is to use them natively, and most of the time that can be done with the right writing skills.


In the end, native advertising is a great solution if you want to spread your marketing efforts and experiment. These ads can be very good, especially if they are hard to distinguish within editorial content. It’s a very good idea to test them out for yourself and give them a try, just to see how they work and how efficient they really are. It will take a bit of a trial and error to narrow down what ads are ideal in your editorial content, but studies show native ads are among some of the best. So it’s a very good idea to start adding them in your editorials, and then you can adapt and adjust their format based on your requirements.

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